Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friends Inspire: Sara

Meet my friend, Sara Bonab. Since I've known her, she's never worn a hideous outfit before. But even if she did, it would look great. Everything pretty much fits like a glove on her. Please check out her blog, Marzo. =)

Birth date: March 5th Sign: Pisces

Occupation: Shop Assistant at a lingerie store

 Stockholm, Sweden

Who's your style icon? There's so many of them! But Christine Centenera, Alexa Chung and of course our very own Elin Kling is one of my favorites.

How would you describe your sense of style? I don't know if I have a specific style. I sort of just feed my self with fashion and pick the things I like. But I love the Scandinavian, minimalist style.  Designers like Rodebjer, Whyred and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair appeals to me the most. But then I’d have to make a little more money to wear their pieces I think, ha ha!
What are your top favorite items in your closet? My huge knitted cream cardigan from American Apparel and my orange pumps from Zara. I use them all the time with everything.

And what is on your wish list? Oh my god.  A pair of black Pigalle Louboutin pumps, a dress from Ida Sj√∂stedt's fall collection, and a scuba-inspired piece (could be anything) from Altewai.Saome...I could actually go on forever.

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