Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loves it!!!

Check out Louis Vuitton's newest accessory to hit this A/W 2011! I love it! Very creative with the popular Peter Pan inspired collar. It'll really add that playfulness to an outfit.
I've just returned from Reno and am so exhausted. It was fun hanging out with the siblings and playing the slots. Reno is definitely very different from Las Vegas, but I still managed to win $10 from a slot machine. (I'm not much of a gambler). =)

This past weekend, Sofia Coppola wed her longtime boyfriend, Thomas Mars. And this coming up weekend, Lauren Bush will be marrying her love, David Lauren (son of Ralph Lauren). The week before that, Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph Lauren) married...Oh, so many weddings! It's like a ripple affect!

September is near and my next Friends Inspire will feature one of my stylish friends. Stay tune! I updated the jobs section, so check it out!



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