Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New In:

New In: Converse low tops in black. I finally bought a new pair! My old ones deteriorated a long time ago. And boy, these chucks sure last long! 

I apologize for the lack of posting this week. Been quite busy lately. This past weekend, Kali and I had a little roadtrip down to Bakersfield to visit a friend. Yes, out of all places, our friend bought a home in Bakersfield! It was super HOT!! It was good to get back to the bay area and appreciate the cool breeze. =) But nonetheless, it was great to see our friend and her new place, as well as hanging out with fellow Banana Sluggers (college buddies).

Also, please check out the jobs section of my blog! Check job postings here.

Pandora: Sound of Music soundtrack

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