Monday, July 25, 2011

Eye Candy: Charlie Siem

Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce everyone to Charlie Siem, a 25 year-old classical violinist, who is extremely talented and exceptionally gorgeous! He's even cuter when you hear his British accent. ;) Who doesn't like men dressed in suits? The right suit can make a man look polished and sophisticated. And we ladies LOVE polished and sophisticated. Look good in a suit and we'll definitely date you!...Look good in a suit and an instrument, and we're head over heels!
The weekend went by so quick, and now back to work. Oh jolly! Today, I just booked two nights in Reno, NV! I've never been, so the siblings and I thought it'd be a fun trip together before summer ends. By the way, check out the jobs section. I just updated it! =)



  1. Oh my gosh Toune! Exceptional post and introduction. He's definitely super hot!

  2. Why, thank you very much Gwen!


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