Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, remember that picture I posted of Alexa Chung with her denim dungarees a few weeks back? Here's the photo again:

Well, I told you I'd make my own! It wasn't so bad at all. The only problem is, it's left unfinished because I do not have a sewing machine in hand. I'll have to go to an alterations or borrow a friend's. After it's all done, I'll post up the final end product. Can't wait to wear it to the summer concerts in the bay area. =)


See the process of it being made here...

First: Use a pair of fabric or sharp scissors and cut the bottom of the shorts off to your liking.

Second: Undo the inseam straight through. Do not cut the jean. Pull the thread out.
Third: Undo the front seams till you reach the zipper area. (like above) And undo the back seams till you align with bottom of back pockets.
Fourth: Pin the jean fabric securely with pins.
Fifth: Trim any access fabric off and start sewing away.

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