Saturday, July 20, 2013


Images via Pinterest, Studded Hearts, They All Hate Us

Long before Celine created her furry sandals, Birkenstock was the big deal in the 90s. Gosh, everyone and their mums wore 'em. I had a few pairs of my own. They're the most comfy pair of sandals you'll ever own. Sometimes wearing heels and stilettos all day, everyday, will take a toll on your precious feet. Give your feet some rest, and put on a pair of flats or sandals.

There are some girls out there who are totally against this trend. But why? I'd rather be seen wearing my Arizona Birkenstocks than Crocs any day!  'Comfy' doesn't necessarily equate to 'ugly'. If you can pull it off, then totally wear them. I found some inspiration on the web that may inspire you.

Learn more about Birkenstock here.

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