Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eye Candy: Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson, a San Diego native and Film and Digital Media graduate from UCSC, has taken his skills and passion for design and art in creating his brand, Darius Twin. He's an Illustrator by day and Light Painter by night.

Using time as the canvas and light as a brush, Pearson creates organic and ethereal scenes on location without use of Photoshop; often incorporating and interacting with their respective environments in an attempt to capture a different dimension, as well as your imagination. Viewers are invited to explore and play within the space between time marked by light.

Get to know Darren Pearson!

Birth date: April 10, 1983 Sign: Aries

Occupation: Illustrator

Location: Los Angeles

Besides light painting and designing graphics for your line, Darius Twin, what else do you like to do on your spare time? Besides LP and graphics: traveling, exploring, going to music shows, playing music, working on video projects, skateboarding, working on a book. (Excited about the book!)

If you can travel anywhere on a jet plane, where would your first stop be?  First stop would be Paris. I've never been. (Oooh, light painting on the Eiffel Tower?)

If you weren't a graphic designer today, what would you want to be and why?  If I wasn't a graphic designer, I would want to be a historical treasure/artifact hunter. (An Indiana Jones at heart.)

Also, what inspires you to do what you do? Any words of advice for those looking to become graphic designers/illustrators? Other artists and photographers keep me inspired, from music, to films, to street art, writers, and generally, people driven to make the world a better place.
My advice to those looking to become graphic designers/illustrators is: find out what you like to do, your niche, and work at it every single day. Look to those doing it professionally for guidance or as a high water mark. Set your goals high, you will progress.

There is plenty of inspiration from Pearson that I'm sure you'll find amusing. From mystical creatures to dinosaurs, angels and skeletal spirits. Find more information on Darren Pearson at Darius Twin and shop his collection of creative work here.

A Light Painting Tutorial

A flip book battle royale that Pearson made in middle school.

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